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Guided Tour of Suomenlinna

Discover Suomenlinna, one of the largest Nordic forts in the region, on a fascinating guided tour.

• Take an hour-long guided tour of Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Spread across six linked islands on a stunning Helsinki archipelago, Suomenlinna is one of the county's most important historical sites.
Dating back to 1748, this impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site was originally built to defend the Kingdom of Sweden against the Russian Empire.

On this guided tour, your knowledgeable guide will recount its eventful history, from its Swedish origins to Finnish independence in 1917, as well as its role in the present-day as a home for several private, public, and cultural purposes. Despite now being a residential area, traditional construction methods are still used to preserve the fortress, ensuring it is still of great historical significance.
Enjoy views of the islands as you stroll through the most important areas of the fortress, such as the Great Courtyard and the Dry Dock, which in its heyday was among the largest in the world.

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